About The Gallery of the Arts

The Gallery of the Arts is about selling high quality, unique and original artwork, as well as museum quality reproductions—giclée printed on 100% acid-free canvas or fine art papers. The artists that The Gallery of the Arts represents include both seasoned and world-class painters, sculptors, illustrators, musicians, poets, writiers, photographers, videographers, as well as up-and-coming, promising, new talent.

Golden Spiral

The Gallery of the Arts works with the artists individually to foster and market the artists' works—to take the artist's creations from the canvas, paper or screen—or whatever media they produce—to a market where the original or reproduction can be bought.

On the other hand, The Gallery of the Arts provides the buying public and private collectors quality, fine art reproductions and original artistic creations. All the reproductions are produced on high quality, archival substrates with long-lasting inks. Most are reproduced using a giclée process, offering museum quality prints from the use of professional grade inkjet printers, long lasting pigmented inks, fine art papers and canvas, and skilled printmakers. There IS a difference between true giclee printing and someone who has a good, desktop printer. The Gallery continually strives to maintain this hallmark distinction.

The Gallery of the Arts offers a wide price range in the art offered, from gift items below $50, to collectable and investment items in the thousands. The Gallery also works with buyers to find and satisfy their needs, whether that need is gift buying, in finding new and upcoming creatives, tried and true artisans, or simply to answer any questions or give direction. Email or call us anytime: 248-760-0270.

Artists! The Gallery of the Arts is always looking for new talent to offer in its galleries. Got talent? Looking for a venue? Let's talk. The Gallery offers its artists individual, free gallery space. No upfront costs or investments—just quality pics of your work for online display—and we'll help you with that too. The Gallery will eventually require from the artist high-end scans for reproduction, but we help the artist there as well, if need be. Likewise with crating, insuring and shipping original works of art. If you have a process you currently employ, are happy with, and meets the quality standards offered by The Gallery, we are happy and flexible to meet you there too. Email or call us today to discuss the prospect of showcasing your work at The Gallery of the Arts: 248-760-0270.

Our mission in a nutshell is to provide artists a venue to showcase and sell their creative works, whether reproductions, paintings, drawings, sculptures, , video, writings or any marketable art form; as well provide our buying clientele high caliber, creative works of art.