Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic painting is one of the most popular art forms utilized today. These fast-drying paints are popular with artists and art buyers alike. They can look like watercolor or oil paints. Acrylics also have their own unique characteristics, and apply well too mixed media art forms.

Acrylic paints can be thinned with water to make washes in a style like watercolor paints, but cannot be reconstituted due to acrylics becoming waterproof once dry. Acrylics are applied to on a wide range of materials, including paper, canvas, and wood to name a few, and applied in a wide range techniques from washes to thick, scuptural builds. Acrylic paints also lend themselves well to grattage techniques.

Acrylic paints were first introduced to the artist market by Liquitex in the early 1960s, making this a relative new painting option.

Johnny Bee Badanjek

Mexican Richard Monument To The Dead Soul Shouter (Mitch Ryder) Einstein & His Avengers Ocean Poem Shooting Star
Flesh Of My Flesh The Devil's Candy Dream Of Dark Sky

"Chizzy" Mike Chisholm

Childhood Field Of Color Freefall Colors Of The Season East Star Vye Lot Sunset Vacation
Spring Homage Skyward Gyre Pink Paradise Blue Note Happiness 678 Widow's Galaxy
Orb Jubilee Cosmic Celebration Zebra Galaxy 2 Glow For Sure Earth Sea Sky Scarboro Internally Green

David Csaszar

All That Jazz Energy Essence Fire Dance Horizon InterFlow
InterMotion Motion 2 Motion 3 Motion 4 Solitude The Link Abstract # 12 Abstract # 13 Abstract # 16
Abstract # 19 Abstract # 21 Abstract # 22 Abstract # 23 Abstract # 24 Abstract # 27 Abstract # 29

Linda Dunn

Dancing Iris Collide

Nina Friday

Key Keeper It's On Bliss Bianca VooDoo Doll Adela
Abducted Day Of The Dead Absynthe Minded Killing Time Target Sling The Hunted TiKi Baby Eye Patch

Nancy Gray

Essence Searching Tranquil Turmoil Transitioning Ed's Spirit And The Angels Cried

Norma Gray

Break Out Once There Was A Way To Get Back Homeward NormaGrayUnknown1 Empty Nest NormaGrayUnknown2 NormaGrayUnknown3

Deborah L. Hoover

Above Heart & Soul Soul Classic High Above

Gwen Joy

Bozo, Pinochio and Milky Meet The Entertainers An August Musing The Joyful Creatures at the Packard Plant The Joy Toy Family Tree Beach Scene

Katharine McGilsky

Alien Confusion Detached Fated To Fail Hello, Forever Goodbye
Hate LA Inspired Sunshine Under The Radar Waiting On You

Gayle Sanchirico

Mirror Mirror Subconscious Seer Illusive Interpretations Ruffled House Wood Nymphs
Serotonin 1 am Serotonin 2 am Serotonin 3 am Serotonin 4 am Serotonin 5 am The Other Room

Pamela Stoddard

Reinforcements Network Support System A Difficult Decision

Margaryta Yermolayeva

Looking Glass Garden On Hazy Day Looking Glass German Holiday Looking Glass