The Artists

The Gallery of the Arts artists represent a wide span of art forms such as paintings, sculptures, drawings, poetry, photography, printmaking, collage, assemblage, multimedia and interactive arts. Art styles include abstract art, realism, impressionism, surrealism, contemporary, plein air, portraits, and many other styles.

The Gallery of the Arts presents art in many a different medium: acrylic, oil and watercolor, chalk, pastel, ink, pencil, pottery, ceramics, and of course, giclee prints. Genres of The Gallery Artists span the entire art horizon: landscape art, cityscape art, seascape art, nature and wildlife, automobiles, trains, birds, floral, children, fantasy, figures and mythological art and more.

Patricia Izzo David Csaszar Katharine McGilsky Dean Rogers Mike -Chizzy the Artist- Chisholm
Betty Arnold Bob Adams Linda Dunn

Bob Adams watercolor

Betty Arnold photography

Johnny "Bee" Badanjek acrylics, oils,
             oil stick, pastels, color pencil

Gayle Sanchirico Phil Gibbon Deborah L. Hoover

"Chizzy" Mike Chisholm
             acrylics, latex, glow, glitter

David Csaszar acrylics

Linda Dunn oils, acrylics

Judy Enright oils

Nina Friday acrylics, jewelry

Ed Gray Nancy Gray Norma Gray

Phil Gibbon digitaPainting, illustration

John Gnotek multimedia, digital, photography

Ed Gray poetry, sculpture

Nancy Gray acrylics

Carl Lundgren Gwen Joy Johnny Bee Badanjek

Norma Gray watercolor, acrylic & collage, ink

Stephanie Hill-Ross watercolor, digital

Deborah L. Hoover acrylics, watercolor

Patricia Izzo photography

Leroy Johnson acrylics

Tamera Menard Richard Rownak Pamela Stoddard

Gwen Joy acrylics, jewelry, assemblage

Richard Larson oils, watercolor

Carl Lundgren oils, digital, rock posters

Lynn Ann Markarian photography

Tamera Menard oils

Elise Mesner Wendy Mastal

Katharine McGilsky acrylics + oils

Wendy Mastal color pencil

Elise Mesner ink on wood, photography

Karen Neal acrylics, digital

Leroy Johnson Judy Enright

Dean Rogers colored pencil, graphite

Richard Rownak scantography, digital, photography

Gayle Sanchirico acrylics, pastels, collage, mixed media

Frank Saso acrylics, watercolor, gouache

Pamela Stoddard acrylics

Stephanie Hill Ross Margaryta Yermolayeva

Jack Wolfe watercolor

Marsha Rae Wright oils, photography, printmaking, ink painting

Margaryta Yermolayeva oils, acrylics, graphite, ink

Richard Larson Marsha Rae Wright Lynn Ann Markarian John Gnotek Betty Arnold

The artists represented at The Gallery of the Arts come from all different backgrounds and practices. Different ages and different experiences. Different styles, different interests, different art. Unique and original art. The thing they all share, is they all have high caliber creativity, and produce world-class works of art—or have the potential to satisfy a world market. The Gallery is very keen on recognizing and fostering new talent to bring to market. So visit often, as our roster continually builds.