Assemblage Art

Assemblage is a modern art form in which three-dimensional artworks are created from found objects. Jean Dubuffet is accredited in the early 1950s, with coining the term in titling a work of his assemblages d'empreintes. Assemblage was recognized as an art form in an exhibition at New York Museum of Modern Art, called The Art of Assemblage.

Ed Gray

Perched Out On A Limb Ethereal Eyes The Sentinel Sweeping Reflections Reaching Out Uplifting The Gathering
Untitled 1 Untitled 2 Untitled 3 Untitled 4 Untitled 5 Essence of Grieving Untitled 7 Untitled 8
Untitled 9 Untitled 10 Untitled 11 Untitled 12 Untitled 13 Untitled 14 Untitled 15

Gwen Joy

Rocky the Dayglo Raccoon Dog Francis the Upbeat Dinosaur Henrietta the Mouse Flower Urban the Raccoonbug Lincoln the Mouse Boy Presto the Spritely Monkey Bear
Lloyd the Clown Doggie Mambo the Beachcomber Alison The Foxy Raccoon