Gallery Art for Charity

Charity art at The Gallery of the Arts serves in numerous ways. First, a percentage of giclee print purchases and original art sales goes to a needy and serving charity, thus someone in need will benefit from the purchase of art. Secondly, the artist is empowered by serving fellow humanity. In addition, The Gallery of the Arts itself donates a percentage in its commission to chartity art sales. Typically 25-50% or more of the price of the art sale goes to charity. In addition, the buyer is the true benefactor, enabling both the artist and the charity. And the donated amount may be a tax deduction for the buyer as well.

"Chizzy" Mike Chisholm

Childhood Field Of Color Freefall Colors Of The Season East Star Vye Lot Sunset Vacation
Spring Homage Skyward Gyre Pink Paradise Blue Note Happiness 678 Widow's Galaxy
Orb Jubilee Cosmic Celebration Zebra Galaxy 2 Glow For Sure Earth Sea Sky Scarboro Internally Green
Shirt 1 Shirt 2 Shirt 3 Shirt 4 Shirt 5 Shirt 6

John Gnotek

Can You Spare A Bit To Eat? Roman Beggar Vatican Beggar

Associated Charities

Chizzy CAM
Chizzy CAM

The Save Africa Project

The Save Africa Project