Color, Color Theory and Art

Color theory shows that color, especially in our environment, has powerful, yet subliminal, psychological effect on people's mood and demeanor. Even so far as to effect the decisions we make everyday. The advertising and marketing worlds know this all too well, and serves to manipulate, or more politely, persuade consumers to their products. Likewise with art, in a gentler way. And, if done correctly, in a healthy, harmonious, theraputic way.

Art, whether 2D or 3D, is placed in spaces to add meaning to an environment, or enhance the meaning of an environment. When selecting art for a space, three important factors to consider is the color of the environment, what that environment is, and what artwork color theme would best compliment both. Different colors evoke different emotions. Reds stimulate, blues relax. Yellows are cheerful, browns earthy and genuine. And so forth.

Placing artwork with these psychological considerations in mind can enhance both the art and space, really bring both to life. Click on the color links below to learn more about each color's effects—and find Gallery art via each color theme.

Color Wheel








Browns and Neutrals

Black, White and Grays