Color Pencil Artwork

Color pencil artwork is an expanding media seen more and more in art shows and galleries, and more and more in combination with other media. Though colored pencils have been available in a limited selection since the early 1800s, they were primarily for "checking and marking." By the mid-1920s however A.W. Faber was offerig over 60 colors for artisitc use. Other European art supply manufacturers folloed suit. In America in the late 1930s, Berol Prismacolors offered artists velvety textured pencils in a wide range of labratory tested colors. Today artists have a great variety of color pencils to choose. The Colored Pencil Society of America founded in 1990 has a growing roster of artists in its ranks.

Johnny Bee Badanjek

The Bishop's Broken Heart

Wendy Mastal

Where Are The Rehab Partners? Yo Blondie Rick Light Me On Fire Cupcake Absofuckinglutely
Hygiene Jojo The Guitar Playing Lion-Man Andrea Susie Queen Bee Ms. Lexy
Ms. L My Heart Goodbye Stanley

Dean Rogers

Pure Beauty An Irish Lass in Summer Flowers on Tuesday I Set the World on Fire Victorian Goth Speak Easy Forgiven Rosanna A Moment of Wonder
An Irish Lass in Autumn Warmth Beauty and Grace Little Z Man Reilly She Beckons Me into the Shadows Blue Forest Nymph Relaxin Dog
Hanna Vicky Discordant Harmony Cast from the Heavens Melissa and Moonlight A Pug and his Pig Tropical Beauty Solace Kari Pops the Question