Digital Art / Computer Graphics

Digital artwork, or digitaPainting as coined by artist Phil Gibbon, is a relative new art form, pioneered in the late 80s and early 90s with the advent of image editing computer software such as Adobe Photoshop first developed in the late 80s. Soon after Wacom tablets and Fractal Design's Painter software appealed to fine artists with their real arts feel and emulation. Today, digital arts encompasses all forms of art digitally created, including computer art, digital painting, and multimedia—combining any of static art, animation, music, sound effects, video and interactivity. Virtual reality would also be considered digital art, as well as algorithmic art, fractal art, evolutionary art, new media art, and the gaming arts.

Phil Gibbon

Mystic Lake Azul Mar Mystery Voyage Reflections Untitled East Of Eden Triptych Solitary Joy Canyon Dawn
Road To Hanna Rose Pears Apple Grapes Bananas Strawberries
Warrior Aura Oasis Sunset Genesis The Dawning Fantasia The Rising
Sedonascape Butterflies Are Free Falling Water Red Flowers Ascension Haven

John Gnotek


Stephanie Hill-Ross

The Gossipin Of The Sistahs Don Cheetah Hairollers In The Wind Burned At The Stake The Kidnappin Of The Cheez Monday Moanin Angst De Kang of Vegas
Peace Warrior & His Harem Phab King of America Samba Of The Lillies Ursula's Goose The Swell Of Muscatel Whyne & Cheez On The Strip

Richard Rownak

Blue Face Gopher Brow Face Effect Checkerboard Dialogue Cup Desert Scape Red Disney Comp Egyptian Ball Ice Base
Juwel - Polar Flower Lht Pol MONA3 Pulsky - White Sun Red Twirl RGB4 Alone Stone Parade Teeth Time Theodore
Stars Bluehead Pyramid Eyeball Wirehead Primary Head Yellow Mud Slipper Bulls Eye Runway 15 GrenWth Crawler Blue 5
Blue Headlights Hotel New Mexico John Adams George Polk 4 Welcome 2 Los Angeles DS-Red 3 Knees