Detroit Rock N' Fashion

Detroit Rock N' Fashion: A Virtual Art Exhibit

Detroit Rock N' Fashion: A Virtual Art Exhibit is a dynamic, multimedia, interactive and truly virtual art exhibit.

Detroit Rock N' Fashion showcases over 160 works of art from eight artists of The Gallery of the Arts who are also involved in Detroit rock music and/or Detroit fashion. Fourteen songs from eight Detroit bands directly involved with these artists drive this dynamic presentation. Over 300 photos from 40 photographers adorn the exhibit. This exhibit can be projected on a wall or big screen HDTV for passive viewing, or on a computer or gallery website for interactive engagement. Clicking on art as it is displayed launches a pop up window with art details and buying options for available original art and giclée fine art reproductions.

Detroit Rock N' Fashion also includes an Art Gallery showcasing all the art to view interactively. Likewise a Photo Gallery displays the photos with a one-liner description and credit link to the photographer. A Music Gallery provides a music player of all the songs used and links to purchase the songs. A Video Gallery links to YouTube videos of the songs in Detroit Rock N' Fashion.

Detroit Rock N' Fashion Artists

The Artists:

Johnny Bee Badanjek
"Chizzy" Mike Chisholm
Nina Friday
Gwen Joy
Carl Lundgren
Wendy Mastal
Elise Mesner
Karen Neal

The Music:


"I think this is one of the best Detroit presentations I've seen! Having been in film/TV for over 25 years I'm spoiled by big budget production value - but you sir have a great eye and put a spectacular piece together. Wonderful, wonderful to see Detroit like this - LOVE the song in relation to the images off the top. Applause, Applause!"
--Vivian George (Writer, singer, producer, actress, owner/designer at Rock n Roll Film n Television)

"I LOVE every page! I really appreciate the amount of work you put into this, holy shit, man!"
--Jim Edwards (Singer of The Rockets, The Hell Drivers, and See Dick Run)

"I love it John we should definitely talk. I was just looking at this the other day. It would be great to do something at the Cafe. Call me anytime."
--Brian Pastoria (Owner/Partner at Harmonie Park Media Group and uDetroit Café, drummer- Adrenaline and DC Drive)

"Excellent work! Gives me goose bumps watching it...This certainly makes anyone from Detroit and the Detroit scene Proud. Thanks for including me in the project! I'm proud to be part of it!"
--Dan Sultana (Rock photographer)

Exhibit History:

August 4, 2011- Official Launch
Detroit Rock N' Fashion: A Virtual Exhibit officially launched on Bob Bauer's live Web broadcast From Paradise Valley to Motown: The Rock Starts Here! This four-hour show broadcasts live from uDetroit Cafe in the historic Paradise Valley/Harmonie Park section of downtown Detroit, included interviews with John Gnotek, Carl Lundgren and guest Jerry Younkins (Detroit's first hippy), Johnny "Bee" Badanjek, Gwen Joy and "Chizzy" Mike Chisholm, along with music from the exhibit.
uDetroit Cafe | Lundgren/Youngkins Interview | Badanjek/Joy Interview | Chisholm Interview | Photos

August 4, 2011- Real World Exhibit at uDetroit Cafe
Not only did Detroit Rock N' Fashion officially launch at uDetroit Cafe, but was given physical exhibit space to showcase a selection of art from the exhibit—displaying to the patrons and guests who frequent uDetroit Cafe and its live Web broadcast shows, walk-ins of fans of the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Lions at the nearby stadiums, and to musicians and other creatives who use the upstairs recording studios.
uDetroit Cafe | Harmonie Park Media Center | Paradise Valley/Harmonie Park | Photos 1 / 2

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