Ink Artwork

Ink has been used for 5,000 years with the Chinese using ink to darken the raised surfaces of stones for pictures and writings. Other cultures also used inks made from local resources such as berries, minerals and plants. Europeans prior to the Renaisance used inks for drawings on sheepskin parchments. The famous India ink first creat in India was black, whereas India inks made in Renaissance Europe with its golden brown tones were made from walnuts or iron-gall nuts.

Today, inks are still used in many artistic expressions from pen and ink drawings, calligraphy, printmaking, screen printing, printing, and tattoos, among other uses.

Johnny Bee Badanjek

Blue Whale

Elise Mesner

Sammy The Bird Brain 1 Sammy The Bird Brain 2 Randle Treebank Sunticks Treetreats
Tealm & Salter Welder 1 Tealm & Salter Welder 2 Kiwi Sexwood 1 Kiwi Sexwood 2 Birthdayburbs
Boat-Fruited 1 Boat-Fruited 2 Caterpillar Beavergreems The Lady & The Clear Koolaid Lion Head Jancy The Caffeine Pill Edward Floss Esther Floss Orange Pig Machinery Trader
Heart So Big-You Make Me Dance So Hard Scarboro

Margaryta Yermolayeva

German Holiday