Mixed Media Art

Mixed media is the utilization of two or more media in a work of art. Different from multimedia, mixed media is a work of visual art, using traditional media such as paints, inks, pastels, etc. Whereas multimedia combines visual images, audio, sound fx, video, animation and often interaction. Thus mixed media is a combination of more than one medium, and multimedia is a combination of art forms.

Often natural objects oe found objects are incorporated with a mixture of media in an assemblage form of art. Collage also may fall under the mixed media banner.

"Chizzy" Mike Chisholm

Childhood Field Of Color Freefall Colors Of The Season East Star Vye Lot Sunset Vacation
Spring Homage Skyward Gyre Pink Paradise Blue Note Happiness 678 Widow's Galaxy
Orb Jubilee Cosmic Celebration Zebra Galaxy 2 Glow For Sure Earth Sea Sky Scarboro Internally Green

Norma Gray

Break Out Once There Was A Way To Get Back Homeward NormaGrayUnknown1 Empty Nest NormaGrayUnknown2 NormaGrayUnknown3

Katharine McGilsky

Alien Confusion Detached Fated To Fail Hello, Forever Goodbye
Hate LA Inspired Sunshine Under The Radar Waiting On You

Gayle Sanchirico

Mirror Mirror Subconscious Seer Illusive Interpretations Ruffled House Wood Nymphs
Serotonin 1 am Serotonin 2 am Serotonin 3 am Serotonin 4 am Serotonin 5 am The Other Room