Oil Paintings

Oil painting is a medium whose color pigments are suspended in an oil base. Though first used as a paint medium some 1200-1600 years ago, oil paints didn't reach a wide popularity until the height of the Renaissance by when it had virtually replaced tempura as the medium of choice of most artists.

Oil is a slow-drying medium allowing the artist a wide range of techniques to utilize and experiment with, as well as allows many additives to control translucency, sheen, drying time, density and body of paint, and other characteristics. Though oils are usually transfered by brushes, oil paint can also be painted well with palette knives, rags and sponges. Oil paints are typically dry to the touch in a day to a couple weeks, oils dry by oxidation as opposed to evaporation, thus may take six months to a year to dry enought to varnish. Art experts would cite 60-80 years for an oil painting to be considered completely dry.

Johnny Bee Badanjek

Storm Over Rouen

Linda Dunn

Worlds Apart Spring Thaw

Judy Enright

The Railroaders The Sowers The Fishermen

Richard Larson

Afternoon Glow Mesmerized Foot Bridge Sing Along Country Road Sunday Sailors
Early Snow Stanley Steamer Model T Traverse City Canal Nature Sings Trout Waters The Jackson

Katharine McGilsky

Alien Confusion Detached Fated To Fail Hello, Forever Goodbye
Hate LA Inspired Sunshine Under The Radar Waiting On You

Tamera Menard

Old Barn Plein Air Painters Peasant Two Grouse Pirate
Kensington Water Fly Fishing Field And Pines Shoane Cowboy Farm Road Crow and Skull

Marsha Rae Wright

Enchanted Way Faerie Lights Enchanted Garden Greenwood Way Phoenix Pieces of Sky Rainbow Falls

Margaryta Yermolayeva

Garden On Hazy Day Gateway Arizona Looking Glass German Holiday Looking Glass German Holiday