Pencil Artwork

Pencils are of course drawing instruments, generally of wood casing over graphite of various hardness, but there are also mechanical pencils with more elaborate metal or plastic cases allowing refillable graphite leads. Most pencils are graphite pencils, but an artist also may draw with charcoal pencils, color pencils, or grease pencils.

Pencils offer artists great versatility and uses. Graphite pencils are available in a wide variety of shades and hardnesses. Likewise with charcoal, whereas color pencils offer nearly any color an artist might desire. Pencils can be used in virtually any position and nearly any environment—even underwater.

Wendy Mastal

Where Are The Rehab Partners? Yo Blondie Rick Light Me On Fire Cupcake Absofuckinglutely
Hygiene Jojo The Guitar Playing Lion-Man Andrea Susie Queen Bee Ms. Lexy
Ms. L My Heart Goodbye Stanley

Dean Rogers

Pure Beauty An Irish Lass in Summer Flowers on Tuesday I Set the World on Fire Victorian Goth Speak Easy Forgiven Rosanna A Moment of Wonder
An Irish Lass in Autumn Warmth Beauty and Grace Little Z Man Reilly She Beckons Me into the Shadows Blue Forest Nymph Relaxin Dog
Hanna Vicky Discordant Harmony Cast from the Heavens Melissa and Moonlight A Pug and his Pig Tropical Beauty Solace Kari Pops the Question

Margaryta Yermolayeva

Looking Glass Garden On Hazy Day