Wood Art

Art created from wood is an ancient practice continued to this day.

Ed Gray

Perched Out On A Limb Ethereal Eyes The Sentinel Sweeping Reflections Reaching Out Uplifting The Gathering

Elise Mesner

Sammy The Bird Brain 1 Sammy The Bird Brain 2 Randle Treebank Sunticks Treetreats
Tealm & Salter Welder 1 Tealm & Salter Welder 2 Kiwi Sexwood 1 Kiwi Sexwood 2 Birthdayburbs
Boat-Fruited 1 Boat-Fruited 2 Caterpillar Beavergreems The Lady & The Clear Koolaid Lion Head Jancy The Caffeine Pill Edward Floss Esther Floss Orange Pig Machinery Trader
Heart So Big-You Make Me Dance So Hard Scarboro